Thursday, February 16, 2012

Its been 5 years!!!
When we started all we had was few enthusiastic village women, bits of old sarees and few designs.
After 5 years we are still a small enthusiastic group making accessories. We are selling our products in India, USA, France, London, Australia, Austria.......and we are still not into mass production!! :)

Thank you all for your support!!!
It brings smiles to our team!


christmas charity event:

date: december 15th
place: Townhall, Vienna, Austria
Host: President of the Vienna, Prof. Harry Kopietz
Photo: Susanne Von Stietencron, Usa Von Stietencron, Prof. Harry Kopietz and Gerda Themel

Gerda Themel, founder of 'Women's Cooperation International' ( ), invited Sanchali to sell it's jewelery along with the Women's Cooperations products made in Sri Lanka. Women's Cooperation forwarded 175.- Euros from the donations collected in return for free drinks (mulled wine!) to Sanchali.

Thankyou, Gerda Themel for being so generous in offering your help and making this happen. We also thank Susanne and Usa Von Steitencron for there support in every possible way!