Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sanchali Alternative approach to learning

school project
Sanchali, meaning “movement” in Sanskrit, is an attempt to revive traditional Indian art forms as well as shatter the “stuffy” image of museum-learning with its lively and interactive setup to attract even the younger generations. The project is based on the historic arts and crafts from various periods displayed in a traveling exhibition format, starting with the Indus River Valley civilization.
The uniqueness of this exhibition is its museum-like approach and presentation of all the period-inspired artifact replicas tagged with educational write-ups, informative photographs, and eye-pleasing displays found at bona fide museums. For a more hands-on experience, there are craftsmen demonstrating the arts and guided tours engaging school children and visitors alike. Unlike in a museum, the exhibition allows children to actually touch and engage with.
The exhibition itself is focused on the revival of historic artifacts in terms of the techniques utilized in creating these objects while giving it a contemporary twist to appeal to modern audiences. Ultimately this is to encourage children to visit their local museums for further learning and research.

Women empowerment project
Sanchali aims to provide rural women with the opportunity of learning life skills that give financial independence and increased self-confidence. We have conducted workshops for women in Karnataka, training them in making hand-crafted eco-friendly jewelry by using re-cycled concept. Goal is to revive this dying tradition of re-cycling which is lost to modernization as well as encouraging art novices and connoisseurs to draw upon their proclivity for nature.

Sanchali brochure


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