Sunday, January 24, 2010

Handmade Jewelry

Varanasi. Kashi. Banaras.

The old, oldest, the legendary city, the eternal city at the banks of the mighty Ganga River, the carotid of India’s vast northern plains. For ages this place has been radiating a powerful image both within India as in the west, marveled at for its never-resting life around Mother Ganga, Religion melting into Magic as well as for local products like the traditional Banarasi Hand-woven Silks.

This Collection aims at bringing to you along with a small piece of this precious material, designed and hand-made in the city also a small piece of the age-old magic of this holy and worldly place, a genuine piece of Varanasi.

picture credit : vimal bhojraj from upasana design studio, auroville.


  1. Hi.
    Just wanted to let u know thats this is a very interesting jewelry collection u have in here!
    Great going,

  2. hey thanx himani
    nice to hear from you :)
    do stay in touch for more new designs!

  3. These are absolutely lovely. Are they available in Bangalore?
    Anju Agadi

  4. hi anju!
    not in b'lore but you could meet up wit me to see the stuff :)

  5. This is so creative and unique. :)

  6. Just became the proud proud owner of 4 of these lovely pieces yesterday! So glad they are available in Bangalore stores. The idea is so simple, yet unique and so novel. Hats off to that!

  7. hey
    glad to hear that Anu :)
    this is wat makes us grow!!

  8. Hey..amazing pieces of jewelry..I want to purchase them..I live in Kathmandu and own a fashion blog called
    plz let m eknow

  9. hi... you hv got amazing creativity up there. i am rima darji student of fine arts, baroda, gujarat. My exams are going on and am stuck somewhere... may be you can help me out . there is one exercise of designing product promoting campaign for any brand of jewellery and i am crazy abt ur designed jewels so can you help me out with this?? i ll be needed few details of your company. and i can send you an official letter signed by our H.O.D.
    Looking forward to your positive reply

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  11. Amzing work, they designs really captivate the style of India. Handmade accessories also have an strong regional look on Mexico, using mayan pattern on many of the pieces.

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